From a 3D model to a real thing – a landing gear for a quadrocopter

There was a need to create a new landing gear for QuadroCopter which would be lightweight and flexible in a way. With help came the FreeCAD. It is an open source CAD software which can be successfully used when designing 3D parts. Below in a figure on the left is a 3D model and on the right is the printed part. The part was printed using RepRap 3D printer.


The idea behind creating the lightweight landing gear was simple. The printed part was meant to be used as a connection between quadrocopter’s arm and its landing gear. As the landing gear a bike spoke was used. It was inserted into the whole inside the printed block. After that the part was attached to the arm with strap band. However, it turned out that the bike spoke is to flexible and does not deliver appropriate rigidity for the UAV.

Below you can look at some photos which were taken during the printing process.

2014-12-06 13.10.26 2014-12-06 13.11.42 2014-12-06 13.13.25 2014-12-06 13.13.34 2014-12-06 13.13.47 2014-12-06 13.13.56

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