Fully 3D printed mini QuadroCopter

After some successful tests of my QuadroCopter I decided to make a step forward. The goal is to make a smaller UAV which would be able to fly around a house. Carried by this vision I designed a CAD model of the mini QuadroCopter.

2015-07-13 14.05.29

It consists of three parts:

  • base plate (2 pieces),
  • arm (4 pieces),
  • landing gear (4 pieces).

Basically it is a smaller version of the previous UAV. The key differences are:

  • PLA was used as the printing material,
  • arms were designed for a certain type of motor mount which can be redesigned quickly if necessary,
  • landing gear was shaped as a spring so it can absorb some force during landing.

Here is how the 3D model looks like:


Below you will find a series of photos which shows how printed parts look like and a pre-assembled UAV.

Base plates (2 pieces):

2015-07-13 12.11.28 2015-07-13 12.11.19 2015-07-13 12.11.11 2015-07-13 12.11.03


2015-07-12 22.23.02 2015-07-12 22.24.15 2015-07-12 22.23.51

Landing gear:

2015-08-16 15.25.53

2015-08-16 15.26.03 2015-08-16 15.26.37

Pre-assembled UAV:

2015-07-13 12.25.17


2015-07-13 14.05.19


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