QuadroCopter test flight

It was quite a long time since I have written something about my QuadroCopter. Well the time has come. I have prepared a shot movie to which I invite you to watch.

Read more for some technicalities about the UAV.

Some technical details:

-4x 800Kv Brushless Motor,
-4x 30A ESC,
-3S Li-pol 1800mAh,
-dedicated flight controller based on STM32F3 (ARM Cortex-M3),
-different sets of propellers (three blades and two blades propellers).

Total weight around 1050 grams. Estimated time of light 20 minutes.

Some time ago I wrote about the 3D printed parts for the QuadroCopter. You can read about it here: 3D printed components for Quadrocopter.

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